• ¿Sueñas con crear tu propio negocio y necesitas una persona con experiencia que te acompañe?
  • ¿Quieres maximizar los resultados de tu negocio?
  • ¿Necesitas un nueva visión fresca y objetiva para alcanzar tus objetivos?



Eliges la frecuencia (semanal, quincenal o mensual) y el formato (presencial u online) de tus sesiones de coaching.

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Las sesiones duran una hora y se contratan desde un mínimo de 4 sesiones.


Nací y crecí en San Sebastián. Estudie informática en la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca y finalmente me mudé a Madrid, donde resido actualmente. Comencé mi carrera profesional trabajando como ingeniero para los principales operadores de cable del país, hasta que me decidí por mí gran pasión que es crear nuevos modelos de negocio digital.

He creado tres compañías en los últimos 10 años: 24symbols (El Spotify de los libros), Meta (Digital Consulting) y Dendary (Amazon Agency).

Con los años, me he dado cuenta de que se me da bien identificar tendencias, crear negocios rentables y sostenibles en el tiempo y ayudar a otros emprendedores a hacer lo mismo.

En paralelo a mi actividad emprendedora he sido profesor en dos de las principales escuelas de negocio digital como son ISDI y ESIC.

Soy Máster Internet Business (MIB) por el ISDI (2009) y Programa de Dirección General (PDG) por el IESE (2018).



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Luis Ferrandiz

Senior Digital Advisor Professor

I had the opportunity to work with Aitor for 3 years at ISDI. During these three years we worked and travelled together, something that allowed me to have a very close working relationship, seeing him in action with students. His social skills, vision and energy were essential parts of Aitor when teaching thru his experience. His contribution sharing with the students his successfully launch of a start-up was one of the best valued things. He has always had time to spend with any student that demanded him, even beyond what it was officially required. He is an steady, hardworking person as well as a great communicator who is always trying to offer his best knowledge and expertise for others to take advantage and learn. Leer más

David Cantolla

Founding Partner/Collecion SOLO

I have had the opportunity to be Aitor's partner in 24 symbols since the company's origin, and that is how I got to know him.
When you are considering an investment in at a startup business, an extremely important part of the decision process is to look at who is the initiator and leader of such business. From my point of view, that is a definite factor for making up my mind about wanting to became part of a project or not.
It is very difficult to find entrepreneurs with a wide and extensive variety of business capabilities, but Aitor is one of those.
He has very few business flaws: he is creative, he knows about product design, and about how to manage a team; he understands company policies, he knows about technology and about how things work in the Internet universe. And he also knows how to fend for himself, how to find financial partners, and how to convince them about how good his ideas are; and he has proved that many a time. Now, five years after we started walking side by side, I know he has enough experience to create an online business starting from scratch, and to make it work. Leer más

Javier Burón

Audiense CEO Co-founder

Aitor has an incredible strategic vision and understanding of the digital space. That makes him be a highly valuable asset for any company out there in the digital space. He has demonstrated it in 24symbols leading as a Founder and CEO a cutting edge product. Leer más

Isabel Blank

Business Development Project Management at 24 Symbols

I’ve had the opportunity of working with Aitor for the past few years, and for me it has been an excellent opportunity to learn from him many skills that are very relevant in today’s business environment, such as empowering, focus on designing an optimal user experience, outside orientation, global mindset and empowering. Aitor is the kind of leader you are convinced to follow enthusiastically: he conveys optimism and shows a practical sense of business and envisions the future while maintaining one foot on the ground. Leer más

Ignacio (Nacho) De Pinedo Palomero

Co-Founder CEO at ISDI

Aitor was first an outstanding ISDI student, and afterwards a close collaborator of our institution, working as a professor and tutor for alumni digitization projects in different masters and programs. In this role, Aitor excelled in mentoring alumni projects, establishing deep links with them and with the rest of the academic team, helped alumni founders raise their startups and contributed in the creation of an entrepreneur spirit which is deep within ISDI character. Aitor is a true MIBer and an inspiration for all digital optimists. Leer más

Sally Fazakerley

Executive Coach | Team Coach | Corporate

I have been coaching Aitor for months now in Executive Coaching sessions and I am so inspired by his vision and ability to create new businesses and ideas. I learn so much from his business knowledge. He has taught me a lot in Marketing and how to be a Successful entrepreneur. Leer más

Óscar García Gómez

Business Development en Smart Energy Assets

Aitor always demonstrated a very strong entrepreneur profile with outstanding high-level relationship capabilities. He has been the key driver for developing business opportunities even working as a Technical Account Manager. He has always approached a win-win relationship perspective with their customers. It has been a great pleasure to work together with Aitor, and I hope come back to work together in a future. Good guy. Leer más

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